Testing the new Alibaba Cloud g8y ECS Instances

08 March 2024- 5 mins read

As part of being an Alibaba Cloud MVP, sometimes I get to test from time to time new products from this cloud provider, which is a really nice thing to have. This greatly helps me with my business,...

El Cierre de Alibaba Cloud en Sídney y la 'Tech War' entre China y Occidente

27 September 2023- 8 mins read

Alibaba Cloud envió el pasado 1 de septiembre un correo electrónico anunciando el cierre de su única región de Australia (Sídney) el próximo 31 de marzo de 2024. Tras esta fecha, todo lo que quede ...

Migración Entre Regiones De Alibaba Cloud

16 September 2023- 9 mins read

El cloud, o “la nube”, es algo que tiene un potencial enorme para mejorar la eficiencia de las empresas, pero a menudo hace falta hacer ajustes por aquí y por allá para mejorar su eficiencia y el r...

Alibaba Cloud's Unique Role in Securing Blockchain Applications

29 August 2023- 6 mins read

Blockchain is great and it has a huge potential for the future, but one of its critical vulnerabilities is the integrity of its nodes, the backbone of the system. In an Internet with more Web3.0 ap...

Speed Up Alibaba Cloud OSS Deployments By Zipping The Files

20 February 2023- 6 mins read

OSS, the Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service, can be an amazing tool to save money hosting static websites and, at the same time, speeding up a site by avoiding unnecessary database queries and se...

Alibaba Cloud Secret Manager

12 February 2023- 5:53 minutes

Storing application secrets is an important part of the security planning of any application. This is because it helps to keep sensitive information, well, secure. Secrets usually include sensitive...

Alibaba vs Amazon

09 February 2023- 9:53 minutes

Descubre las diferencias y similitudes entre Alibaba y Amazon en esta entrevista. Exploramos cómo estas dos empresas líderes en el comercio electrónico compiten y cómo han transformado la forma de ...

Generating NFT Images Using Alibaba Cloud Serverless

07 February 2023- 15:44 minutes

My speech during the Alibaba Cloud Developer Summit 2023, in Jakarta, was related to using Alibaba Cloud Serverless to generate NFT images, this is, as a way to use their computing power to run a P...

Participating in the Alibaba Cloud 2023 Jakarta Developer Summit

15 January 2023- 4:28:48 hours

Attending or participating at international events in the cloud computing industry can be beneficial for a number of reasons. These type of events provide an amazing opportunity for professionals t...

Cómo funciona la muralla China, en el podcast 'Lejano Este'

10 January 2023- 51:04 minutes

En este post, compartiré mi experiencia reciente como invitado en un podcast sobre China llamado “Lejano Este”. Tuve el placer de hablar con Adrián Díaz, un experto en temas relacionados con el des...

Alibaba Cloud OSS, More Than Just Storage

24 January 2022- 7 mins read

When we talk about storage we often think about hard drives, USB sticks and devices of the kind. All those solutions are okay for personal computers (and even for servers to store the basic Operati...

Using Alibaba Cloud DevOps Flow to automate an ECS Deployment

19 January 2022- 8 mins read

Called just “Flow“, this is the long-awaited DevOps tool from Alibaba Cloud. Until now, this cloud provider didn’t have any CI/CD platform to help developers automate pipelines. Automating pipeline...

Migrate a WordPress site from Alibaba Cloud SAS to ECS

17 January 2022- 10 mins read

Terms like “Cloud Computing“, “Cloud Server“, “Virtual Machine” or “Database” could be daunting for someone who is just starting. This is why I completely understand the people who are having a har...

Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch Tutorial & Optimisation

16 January 2022- 9 mins read

Alibaba Cloud’s Elasticsearch Service has come a long way from when it was first introduced, and I believe it is ready for most production workloads. It wipes out most of the pain of operating Elas...

Using Serverless Devs to run a “Hello World” with Alibaba Cloud

13 January 2022- 5 mins read

As you know, I’ve been talking and developing production-ready solutions in a Serverless fashion since 2018, which sounds “forever” in this IT world. In the beginning, I used the amazing tool calle...

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Desktop Service (EDS) Goes Live

02 December 2021- 1 min read

Last February I published an article about Alibaba Cloud EDS, detailing how to install and use the software from Alibaba Cloud to make use of this VDI solution.

Host-based routing with Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes (ACK)

05 October 2021- 8 mins read

When creating a multi-deployment platform in Kubernetes, you will quickly realise how many LoadBalancer-type Services you deployed. This is usually not a problem with a self-built, self-hosted Clus...

Testing the new Alibaba Cloud 7th Gen ECS Instances

11 August 2021- 6 mins read

As part of being an Alibaba Cloud MVP, I get to test from time to time new products from this cloud provider for free, which is a really nice thing to have. This greatly helps me with my business, ...

Alibaba Cloud Free Tier and Free Services

06 June 2021- 5 mins read

In this post, I want to introduce you to the free tier and always-free services offered by Alibaba Cloud. It’s important to test out the platform and try out the services before deciding to use a c...

Dealing With Large Docker Images in Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes

18 April 2021- 6 mins read

All applications starts in the same way, usually with a simple deployment made up of a tiny and organised Docker Container which is built and deployed within minutes. As your business grows, that t...

Lower the latency of your application in China with BGP Pro

14 April 2021- 9 mins read

The usual problem for companies with some sort of presence in China is the platform speed for their end users located in the Mainland, this stems from the complexities deriving out the views on how...

How A Single Character Broke Alibaba Cloud’s Container Registry

13 April 2021- 5 mins read

You load the site… it doesn’t work. You check the console… some weird error. You examine the code… nothing specially wrong. The debugging nightmare begins! This post starts with something “too” com...

Inter-VPC connections with Alibaba Cloud Firewall Enterprise

02 April 2021- 4 mins read

In the last article I talked about the product called Cloud Firewall, the FaaS (Firewall as a Service) from Alibaba Cloud, a great alternative and a must-go in terms of capabilities, pricing and lo...

Overview of the Cloud Firewall from Alibaba Cloud

01 April 2021- 5 mins read

When it comes to protecting machines from malicious network connections there are plenty of options, and depends on which portion of the network request you care about.

Terminating SSL on an Alibaba Cloud SLB with Kubernetes

10 March 2021- 3 mins read

SSL termination, sometimes so easy, sometimes so hard… If you ended up reading this article you probably are in the second group. Welcome to the brotherhood, mate.

Running a basic managed Alibaba Cloud ElasticSearch

09 February 2021- 7 mins read

There are moments in the development of a platform where you know you hit a point of no return. Remember Emmet Brown in Back To The Future III? Yep, pass that point and you either succeed or fall i...

Testing the Alibaba Cloud Elastic Desktop Service (EDS)

08 February 2021- 12 mins read

Thanks to being an MVP Diamond, I’m one of the first to test this VDI product called EDS.

Giving Internet Access to an Alibaba Cloud Serverless K8s Pod

15 January 2021- 8 mins read

By default, a user would use an ECS Instance when deploying applications on Alibaba Cloud. This usually is the go-to solution of most people. An ECS Instance in Alibaba Cloud is a Virtual Machine t...

Testing the new Alibaba Cloud 6th Gen ECS Instances

07 December 2020- 6 mins read

As part of being an Alibaba Cloud MVP Diamond, I get to test from time to time new products from this cloud provider for free, which is a really nice thing to have. In this occasion, thanks to some...

[Webinar] El Ecosistema Serverless de Alibaba Cloud

24 September 2020- 13:31 minutes

El 24 de septiembre hice un pequeño webinar (15 minutos). En esta sesión descubriremos el ecosistema Serverless de Alibaba Cloud e introduciremos los servicios y herramientas que este proveedor clo...

The Apsara Conference Dialogue, Alberto Roura

23 September 2020- 3:14 minutes

At the Apsara Conference 2020 I shared with the public why I chose Alibaba Cloud:

Protecting Your Data With Alibaba Cloud KMS

18 August 2020- 6 mins read

Cloud providers, specially those ranked higher like Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud or Amazon Web Services, tend to follow very scrupulously all regulations everywhere they have a data center or PoP...

Cross-region replicated Container Registry in Alibaba Cloud

02 August 2020- 12:08 minutes

When you start your journey around deploying services in China, soon you realise that is not the same as in the rest of places. You even feel that your prior DevOps/Ops experience doesn’t help much...

Entrevista con Robert Walters acerca de Alibaba Cloud

09 July 2020- 42:36 minutes

El miércoles 15 de julio Robert Walters me entrevistó, en directo, sobre la presencia del Cloud de Alibaba, y las oportunidades que ofrece este tipo de tecnología en general a aquellas empresas que...

Create a Cross-Region Active-Active Application on Alibaba Cloud

22 June 2020- 10 mins read

Consider the following situation. You are a race-car driver and your car is at the starting line. Your helmet is on and you already heated up your tires. Then, you look to your left, and the driver...

Setting up GitOps with Alibaba Cloud OSS and GitHub Actions

15 June 2020- 9 mins read

When dealing with GitHub, we used to always link it with CI/CD tools like CircleCI, Jenkins or Travis, among other tools, to extend the functionality of its resources and also to automate a wide va...

Cómo crear una Instancia ECS en Alibaba Cloud

10 May 2020- 9:48 minutes

Vídeo sobre cómo crear una instancia ECS en Alicloud, fácil y rápido. En español.

Working with Tengine and OpenResty

04 April 2020- 10 mins read

If you are thinking of implementing some type of callback URL for a pipeline action, endpoint, or something more complex like an API Gateway, you probably may run in the problem of not knowing whic...

Elegir Alibaba Cloud como oportunidad para tu negocio

28 March 2020- 9 mins read

Las empresas que buscan conectarse con el mercado digital de China muy pronto se dan cuenta de la necesidad de disponer de infraestructura local en dicho país. Con más de la mitad del mercado IaaS ...

Cloudcast, Container Networking

27 March 2020- 55:21 minutes

There is a new podcast in town! Well, “Cloudcast” in this case 😅

Alibaba Cloud Academy Day 2020

27 February 2020- 5 mins read

As you may know, I’m a fan of the Alibaba Cloud Academy since it came to existence. Their way to structure the certifications is unique and really teaches you how to leverage the cloud just the way...

Participating in Alibaba Cloud Open Platform’s first challenge

07 January 2020- 5 mins read

If you weren’t aware, I submitted on November a Terraform Module I made to the Alibaba Cloud Open Platform Challenge. Said challenge was designed to bring developers closer to the tools Alibaba Clo...

Exploring Aliyun’s Linux Distribution

05 December 2019- 9 mins read

In this article I’ll go through the advantages of using Aliyun Linux, a CentOS-based Linux distribution developed and maintained by Alibaba Cloud. Compared to other available Virtual Machines like ...

Alicloud Container Registry Terraform Module

22 November 2019- 5 mins read

A Terraform module to create a private Container Registry namespace and a RAM role able to pull/push from the namespace created. Alicloud Terraform Module.

Build your own serverless ECS Instance monitor

08 November 2019- 13 mins read

When dealing with critical ECS instances, specially the ones running our applications, many times we worry about their performance all the time, sometimes to the point in where we need to pay or le...

IoT with Alibaba Cloud – Webinar

22 October 2019- 2 mins read

Learn how your devices can connect to Alibaba Cloud’s Internet of Things (IoT) solution by setting up a simulated IoT device. Have a look to the Webinar I recorded while in Hangzhou at Alibaba’s of...

Experiencing Bullet Time And 6DoF In Hangzhou

01 October 2019- 1 min read

As you know, I recently co-hosted some of the activities during the Apsara Conference in Hangzhou. Among them, the Apsara Entertainment area. This is where I found myself, standing before a semicir...

MVP Interview at the Apsara Conference 2019

30 September 2019- 5:26 minutes

I was interviewed by Wei Tong, Senior Content Marketing Strategist at Alibaba Cloud. We discussed my motivations to become an MVP, talked about the evolution of the industry and explained how Aliba...

MVP Booth Tour part 2 at the Apsara Conference 2019

30 September 2019- 4:11 minutes

To help people understand what was going on in the different exhibitions, we made a tour showcasing the top activities inside the hall C. Don’t miss these videos if you want to see how bad at skate...

MVP Booth Tour part 1 at the Apsara Conference 2019

30 September 2019- 4:36 minutes

To help people understand what was going on in the different exhibitions, we made a tour showcasing the top activities inside the hall C. Don’t miss these videos if you want to see how bad at skate...

The Apsara Conference (云栖大会) 2019

29 September 2019- 6 mins read

This article is about my experience at the Apsara Conference 2019, for the Instagram stories posts go to my Instagram profile.

SSH Tunnelling With Alibaba Cloud To Expose A Local Environment

30 July 2019- 11 mins read

What we want to solve with this tutorial?

August Edition, Sydney Serverless [Meetup]

30 July 2019- 3 mins read

Alibaba Cloud have kindly invited us to their Castlereagh Street offices in between Martin Place and Wynyard stations.

Accessing Salesforce from China

25 July 2019- 4 mins read

Yesterday, Alibaba Cloud and Salesforce announced a significant strategic partnership. Under this agreement, Alibaba Cloud became the exclusive provider of Salesforce’s customer relationship manage...

Using Aliyun Fun with Function Compute

09 July 2019- 7:14 minutes

This GitHub repository is being created to help you understand how to easily deal with emails when working on serverless/microservice architectures on Alibaba Cloud Function Compute.

Using PouchContainer to Deploy a Node Site in Alibaba Cloud

19 April 2019- 10 mins read

In today’s post, we will learn how to deploy a Node site using VueJS to an Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) Instance by using PouchContainer, Alibaba’s open source solution for container...

Tengine, Docker, and PHP Application Best Practices

19 April 2019- 10 mins read

From a DevOps point of view, the importance of a good architected solution, with proper separation of responsibilities, is fundamental for the long-term success of any application. This case we are...

Building Highly Scalable Marketing Campaigns With Alibaba Cloud

07 April 2019- 7 mins read

Alibaba Cloud (阿里云) is certainly becoming an obvious place where growing organisations are migrating their websites and campaigns to the cloud. This is helping them seeing a lot more prosperity in ...

FinOps y El Fin Del Cloud Barato

20 March 2019- 5 mins read

Es innegable que el cloud computing ha revolucionado la forma en que las empresas almacenan, procesan y acceden a sus datos, y nada parece predecir que esta tendencia vaya atrás. Gigantes de la ind...

IoT with Alibaba Cloud [Meetup]

08 March 2019- 1 min read

Introduction to Alibaba Cloud’s IoT platform and discussion of different use-cases. Hear how to leverage the IoT platform to create the next-gen gadgets.

Alibaba Cloud ACP Cloud Computing Exam Tips

31 January 2019- 9 mins read

I recently passed my ACP (Alibaba Cloud Professional) Cloud Computing Certification exam. As Alibaba Cloud MVP Diamond, I want to help you to pass as well with the Alibaba Cloud ACP Exam Questions.

Alibaba Cloud ACA Cloud Computing Exam Tips

04 December 2018- 9 mins read

I recently passed my ACA (Alibaba Cloud Associate) Cloud Computing Certification exam. As Alibaba Cloud MVP Diamond, I want to help you to pass as well with the Alibaba Cloud ACA Exam Questions.

My Alibaba Cloud Story

27 November 2018- 11 mins read

Last week, as part of being part of the Alibaba Cloud MVP family, I had the opportunity to enjoy an interview with James Fitzgerald, a passionate of cloud computing San Franciscan who currently wor...

Build your first serverless website with Alibaba Cloud

22 November 2018- 11 mins read

Serverless is the buzzword among developers recently, right? Well, do you really know how to take full advantage of it? This tutorial will help you to create a small, serverless personal webpage by...

Function Compute to Power Schedule Alibaba Cloud ECS Instances

21 November 2018- 13 mins read

In web development we have to deal with different environments when developing, testing and deploying our websites or applications. This way of doing things is very useful because it lets you show ...

Going Serverless with Alibaba Cloud [Meetup]

28 September 2018- 1 min read

Introduction to Alibaba Cloud’s Serverless platform and discussion of different use-cases. Hear how to leverage the Serverless platform to create the next-gen applications by leveraging microservic...

How to Deploy Apps Effortlessly with Packer and Terraform

09 August 2018- 10 mins read

Alibaba Cloud published a very neat white paper about DevOps that is very interesting to read. It shows how “DevOps is a model that goes beyond simple implementation of agile principles to manage t...

Create a VPN-secured VPC with Packer and Terraform

09 August 2018- 13 mins read

Securing a web application in terms of access management can be tricky, as there are multiple ways to do it in an acceptable way.

Introduction to Alibaba Cloud and Devops tools [Meetup]

27 July 2018- 1 min read

Our first Meetup in Brisbane! What is Alibaba Cloud? What are the differences with other providers? Get answer for all this questions and more in our first introductory event where we will review t...

Awarded as Alibaba Cloud MVP 2018

30 June 2018- 2 mins read

I’m proud to announce that I achieved a new major achievement as the Most Valuable Professional (MVP Diamond) for Alibaba Cloud 2018.

Hosting Multiple Websites on a Single Alibaba Cloud ECS Server

25 May 2018- 15 mins read

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to run two or more websites using the same Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) Instance using Docker Compose and a Reverse Proxy. I’ll show two op...

Deploying and Best Practices with Alibaba Cloud

11 May 2018- 12 mins read

With this How-To I want to talk about Best Practices using Alibaba Cloud (阿里云) deploying a new website/webapp to their infrastructure, also covering the implementation of the maintenance. The artic...

Setting Up Load Balancers Using Terraform

13 April 2018- 14 mins read

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up a CMS, in this case Bolt, on Alibaba Cloud using a Load Balancer and RDS with 3 ECS instances attached. We will be doing this based on a DevOps appro...

Dynamic DNS using Alibaba Cloud DNS API

09 February 2018- 14 mins read

According to Wikipedia, “Dynamic DNS (DDNS or DynDNS) is a method of automatically updating a name server record, often in real time, with the active Dynamic DNS configuration of its configured hos...

Run Bolt With Docker And Terraform With Alibaba Cloud

08 February 2018- 15 mins read

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up Bolt on Alibaba Cloud ECS. We will be doing this based on a DevOps approach.

Alibaba Cloud PHP and AB Benchmarking

02 January 2018- 4 mins read

As some of you may know, I recently moved all my services and infrastructure to Alibaba Cloud (阿里云), being this one of the best decisions I made in 2017 in terms of Cloud Computing. I used several ...

There is a datacenter that runs on lake water

13 September 2015- 2 mins read

In the heart of Chunan (淳安县), right on the famous Qiandao Lake (千岛湖) lies what is probably the greenest datacenter in the world.