Alberto Roura

DevOps/SRE Engineer &
Alibaba Cloud Expert

Providing high-quality cloud solutions and DevOps/SRE expertise

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Specialized Areas

  • Kubernetes & Containerization
  • Cross-border, High-speed Connectivity
  • Quick POC Prototyping
  • AgTech Solutions
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Implementation
  • Web3 Development, Blockchain Integration and IPFS
  • Quantum-Proof Encryption

Why Choose Me?

  • TOP #1 Alibaba Cloud MVP globally
  • 6x Alibaba Cloud MVP (2018-2023)
  • Official Contributor of APSARA CONFERENCE
  • Main Speaker in Alibaba's first Developer Summit Jakarta 2023
  • Recipient of Alibaba Cloud MVP Of The Year Award
  • Knows the difference between Docker and a container

What Sets Me Apart?

  • On "it" since 2009. Definitely not new to the industry
  • NDA can be signed upon client's request
  • A quick call is usually enough for me to understand your business needs
  • Enjoys the job and delivers quick but ingeniously without sacrificing quality
  • Experience managing teams and overseeing the whole product lifecycle

My Skills

  • Cloud Providers (AWS, Tencent, Huawei, Alibaba Cloud, Digital Ocean)
  • Enterprise-level VPNs and Complex Connectivity
  • Linux distributions (Debian, RedHat, Ubuntu, CentOS...)
  • Computer clustering, data replication, disaster recovery
  • Monitoring solutions (Elasticsearch, Kibana, New Relic, Datadog)
  • DevOps automation tools (Terraform, Jenkins, GitLab CI, GitHub Actions)
  • Design, implement and enforce CI/CD Pipelines
  • Backend development with PHP, Python, Go, NodeJS, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Frontend development with HTML5, CSS3 (SASS), React, React Native, VueJS
  • Expert in CMS & e-commerce like WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce
  • Expert in AAA Web Accessibility
  • Experienced in PCI Compliance