Hi! As you probably correctly guessed, Alberto Roura is the one writing here, a spaniard living in Australia since 2014. But online, editing this site, since 2003.


One of the ways to introduce myself would be to say that the standardised education system wasn’t made for me, I get distracted too easily (So many cool things to learn in life, right?), so don’t take me as an example in school. My way was always to be on my own in terms of learning. For most of life matters I consider auto-didacticism the best way to get knowledge, as I get to learn in my own pace and in the topics I’m interested in.

This site is a long-term project for me, as is where I keep in written everything worth sharing. Call it my way to keep some order in my thoughts. Who knows, maybe someone else is interested in all this stuff.

I’m an Alibaba Cloud MVP and a dedicated Alibaba Cloud DZone MVB, so please reach me with any question you would have about this cloud provider.

You’ll find articles about photography, engineering, personal thoughts or experiences and so on. My parents taught me that sharing is good, so here I am.

Zarathustra didn’t want corpses in his journey, but travel companions.