Hi! As you probably correctly guessed, Alberto Roura is the one writing here since 2003, a spaniard living in Australia since 2014.


Unlike most people, coding came more natural for me. I started coding when I was 6 years old with an old ZX Spectrum +2. I guess you could say I spent half my time learning cursive and the other half coding, so it’s kind of a second language. You could think that is one of the reasons I love being a developer so much, technology is always changing, and every day I can fulfil my dream to never stop learning, growing and improving. Working in this industry makes me regularly learn new frameworks and platforms to optimise resource costs.

Holding more than 25 certifications in Cloud Computing and being Alibaba Cloud ACP, I can help your company to architect solutions, cloud consultancy or actual hands-on work in your resources.

I specialise in Alibaba Cloud products, including (but not limited to) guidance in getting the ICP License to publish in China, Scalability and Load Balancing, Serverless solutions and IoT ecosystems.


This site is a long-term project for me, as is where I keep in written everything worth sharing. Call it my way to keep some order in my thoughts. Who knows, maybe someone else is interested in all this stuff.

You’ll find articles about photography, engineering (civil and software), personal thoughts or experiences and so on. My parents taught me that sharing is good, so here I am.

Zarathustra didn’t want corpses in his journey, but travel companions.