Hi! As you probably guessed, I’m Alberto Roura, the one writing here since 2002.

Unlike most people, coding came more natural for me. I started programming when I was 6 years old on the ZX Spectrum +2 my family had at home. I guess you could say I spent half my time learning cursive and the other half smashing code, so it’s kind of a second language for me. You could think that’s the reason I love being in IT so much, but there is more: As technology is always changing, I can fulfil my dream to never stop learning, growing and improving. Working in this industry makes me regularly learn new frameworks and platforms to optimize resource usage and ingenious ways to solve problems.



This site is a long-term project for me, and is where I keep in written everything worth sharing. You can think of it as my way to keep some order in my thoughts. Who knows, maybe someone else is interested in all this stuff.

I was born with a curiosity about everything surrounding me. Loving to entertain ideas and seeing them materialise, I consider myself a natural-born entrepreneur.


What I’ve done so far

  • Managed “Euskal Linux”, a LUG of the Basque Country
  • Worked on “TuxSM”, a Linux port for phones before Android existed
  • Did IoT before it was cool with “Track’n’View” in 2009
  • Collaborated with SBS Australia on tech news
  • Lived in Australia for 7 years and worked on amazing projects
  • Worked in the tech industry in Singapore, China & Thailand
  • Won 5x Alicloud MVP Awards and “MVP Of The Year Award” in 2019
  • Achieved Top #1 Alibaba Cloud MVP Globally
  • Founded a remote-first company called “Guztia Consulting”