Hey! As you probably guessed this is Alberto Roura writing, a spaniard living in Brisbane, Australia, since 2014. I consider myself an active person, as I worked since I was young, either in personal projects or for others.

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I’ve never been a good student, I was a very average one, so don’t take me as an example in school. My preferred way always was to be on my own in terms of learning. For most of life matters autodidacticism is the best way to get knowledge in my experience, as you get to learn in your own pace and in the topics you are interested in.

This site is a long-term project for me, as is where I write everything worth sharing. Is my way to keep some order in my thoughts. And who knows, maybe someone else is
interested in the stuff I post!

You’ll find articles about photography, engineering, personal thoughts or experiences and so on. My parents taught me that sharing is good, and here I am doing it for good.