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To say hello

Feel free to reach out, I actually enjoy discussing topics related to learning, entrepreneurship, problems, successful or failed projects, etc. Your age doesn't matter to me; what matters is the interest.

Initiating contact with me is quick and easy, and I believe it is always a good idea to have a conversation.

For asking stuff

If you send a question, it may take me a few days for me to respond, specially with lengthy emails. I try to avoid tech stress and I usually like to prepare the answers well.

Internet is full of information and places to get quick answers about almost everything. I suggest starting with a search on Startpage, Google, Yahoo or Bing. I can provide my opinion, but I'd hardly beat the myriad of answers online.

To send me work

I can provide cloud solutions and DevOps/SRE expertise, refine programs or documents, design software architecture, debug difficult errors, set up servers…

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If you want to send me something interesting or want to know more about the things I can do, have a look here first.

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