‘Quixote & México’ vs ‘Quijote & Méjico’

08 August 2016- 3 mins read

Navegando por Internet he encontrado algunos interesantes debates sobre la pronunciación de la x en el español, donde sobresalen términos como ‘Don Quixote‘ o ‘México‘, los cuales se deben pronunci...

The myth of water intake per day

02 August 2016- 1 min read

The health myth that just won’t go away

The Bechdel-Wallace test

23 July 2016- 1 min read

The rules now known as the Bechdel-Wallace test first appeared in 1985 in Alison Bechdel’s comic strip Dykes To Watch Out For. In a strip titled “The Rule“, two women, who resemble the future chara...

Country detection via PHP

24 April 2016- 1 min read

Imagine a with some, with content related to each country. One solution is a javascript-based country detector that could ask the visitor to change the cur...

Basic flexbox structure

18 March 2016- 1 min read

Flexbox! That thing, everyone talks about that but anyone actually knows how to handle it =P

How to create a Template in WordPress without FTP Access

02 November 2015- 1 min read

You want to create a Template in your theme, and somehow you don’t have FTP access in that moment. But, hey, you have the WordPress logins to enter in the backend, so… stay tuned!

There is a datacenter that runs on lake water

13 September 2015- 2 mins read

In the heart of Chunan (淳安县), right on the famous Qiandao Lake (千岛湖) lies what is probably the greenest datacenter in the world.

Script to make paged online tests with jQuery and Bootstrap

07 September 2015- 1 min read

Ok, you want know if you are a positive or negative person. Or maybe you want to know if your death is close. Or you just want a personality test. Anyway, you are here because you need to build an ...