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SiestaBox, a Docker Image to Simulate Running Tasks

11 June 2024- 2 mins read

In software development, understanding and managing time is somewhat important. Whether you’re testing application behavior under specific time conditions or simply need a reliable tool for time si...

Publishing a self-hosted Simple OTS solution

08 November 2023- 2 mins read

I want to share this small, simple One-Time Secret (OTS) service, which is a PHP application that allows you to store and share sensitive information for a limited duration. is very simple to self-...

Host-based routing with Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes (ACK)

05 October 2021- 8 mins read

When creating a multi-deployment platform in Kubernetes, you will quickly realise how many LoadBalancer-type Services you deployed. This is usually not a problem with a self-built, self-hosted Clus...

Dealing With Large Docker Images in Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes

18 April 2021- 6 mins read

All applications starts in the same way, usually with a simple deployment made up of a tiny and organised Docker Container which is built and deployed within minutes. As your business grows, that t...

How A Single Character Broke Alibaba Cloud’s Container Registry

13 April 2021- 5 mins read

You load the site… it doesn’t work. You check the console… some weird error. You examine the code… nothing specially wrong. The debugging nightmare begins! This post starts with something “too” com...

Cross-region replicated Container Registry in Alibaba Cloud

02 August 2020- 12:08 minutes

When you start your journey around deploying services in China, soon you realise that is not the same as in the rest of places. You even feel that your prior DevOps/Ops experience doesn’t help much...

Cloudcast, Container Networking

27 March 2020- 55:21 minutes

There is a new podcast in town! Well, “Cloudcast” in this case 😅

SSH Tunnelling With Alibaba Cloud To Expose A Local Environment

30 July 2019- 11 mins read

What we want to solve with this tutorial?

Docker Image cleaning easy automation with cron

03 May 2018- 1 min read

Docker makes it easy to ship your applications and services in containers, so you can run them anywhere. Also true is that the more you work with Docker the easier your VM tends to accumulate a hug...

Reverse proxy with Caddy on WordPress with SSL & Docker

05 October 2017- 3 mins read

WordPress uses the is_ssl() function to determine if SSL is being used in the server. In order to do this, it uses $_SERVER['HTTPS'] and $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] to check if they are set. The proble...

Magento 2.1.x Dockerfile

11 August 2017- 1 min read

Magento 2 installation made easy