SiestaBox, a Docker Image to Simulate Running Tasks

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In software development, understanding and managing time becomes crucial. Whether you’re testing application behavior under specific time conditions or simply need a reliable tool for time simulation, having the right resources at your disposal is essential. That’s where roura/siestabox comes in – a lightweight Docker image designed to simulate time delays, simple.

What is SiestaBox?

roura/siestabox is a Docker image built with simplicity and efficiency in mind. It’s built on top of Alpine Linux, a lightweight and reliable base image, to make it as light as possible. By executing a script with adjustable sleep durations, roura/siestabox offers a nice solution for a wide range of time-related tasks.

How Does SiestaBox Work?

At its core, roura/siestabox operates on the principle of flexibility. Users can specify the duration of the time delay by setting the TIMEOUT environment variable when running the container. If no value is provided, roura/siestabox defaults to a 10-second delay.

A good use-case for roura/siestabox is Testing Time-sensitive Applications. SiestaBox enables developers to simulate real-world scenarios where time plays a critical role. Whether you’re testing a scheduling algorithm, a time-based event trigger, or time-sensitive calculations, SiestaBox provides a reliable environment for thorough testing and validation.

Getting Started with SiestaBox:

Using roura/siestabox is straightforward and requires minimal setup. Simply pull the Docker image from the repository and run the container with your desired TIMEOUT value.

# Run SiestaBox with a custom TIMEOUT value (e.g., 20 seconds)
docker run -e TIMEOUT=20 roura/siestabox

In the above example, the Docker container will run for 20 seconds and then will stop.

Task started, taking a siesta for the next 20 seconds...
Task completed. Buenos días.

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