Publishing a self-hosted Simple OTS solution

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I want to share this small, simple One-Time Secret (OTS) service, which is a PHP application that allows you to store and share sensitive information for a limited duration. is very simple to self-host by yourself, so you have full control of the data stored.

How It Works

Running the Service

If you want to use the pre-built Docker Image, just run:

docker pull roura/simple-ots

Then, to start the service:

docker run -p 80:80 -e AUTH_IPS= roura/simple-ots

In the above example, the service will open the creation of secrets to the IP, you can set the authorised IPs as a comma-separated list. Otherwise, if you don’t set this environment variable, both writing and reading secrets will be open to the public ( Please note, reading secrets will always be accesible by anyone.

Creating and Sharing Secrets

  1. Access the OTS Service: Visit http://localhost.
  2. Create a Secret: Enter your secret and set the expiration time (1 Hour, 1 Day, or 1 Week).
  3. Generate Secret Link: Click “Create Secret” to generate a unique link.
  4. Share the Link: Copy the link and share it with your intended recipient.
  5. Accessing the Secret: The recipient can open the link to view the secret, which is automatically deleted from the server when it gets opened.

Contribute on GitHub

I believe in Open Source, even for tiny projects like this. That’s why I’ve open-sourced it on GitHub. You can find the repo here.

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