NFTool PRO was showcased in the AddZest research

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Seeing one of my projects, NFTool PRO, featured in the AddZest’s research “Wallet Journeys,” was a moment to celebrate. It affirmed the efforts we have poured into developing a platform empowering digital artists to make use of the complex world of web3, smart contracts, and NFTs. NFTool PRO is not just a product, it is a culmination of our passion for art and technology. We are thrilled to be part of this ever-evolving landscape, providing artists with the tools, support, and resources they need to thrive in the web3 ecosystem.

When we started this journey, we were aware of the challenges faced by artists when entering the web3 space. Just the technicals of creating a web3 wallet and understanding smart contracts seemed like access barriers.

By analyzing user preferences and behavior, we tailored our platform to address their pain points and deliver a seamless onboarding process.

At the heart of NFTool’s ethos is our unwavering commitment to user-friendliness. We understood that artists, with their boundless creativity, may not be as tech-savvy. Our mission was to bridge the gap between their artistic prowess and the complexities of web3. We then designed an intuitive platform with clear instructions, user-friendly UI, and complete documentation.

For this, we invested significant efforts in creating how-to resources, such as tutorials, UI help, and access to a supportive community on Discord. We wanted artists to feel empowered, confident, and fully capable of harnessing the power of web3 and NFTs.

By developing a feature that extracted layers from PSD files and generated thousands of combinations, we provided artists with the freedom to unleash their creativity and offer diverse and captivating NFT collections to their audience.

AddZest Case Study: How NFTool Leveraged Data to Personalize the User Journey

The following text is part of the AddZest publication.


Xavier Macia, the Co-Founder and CEO of, a platform for creators to generate and deploy NFT collections, shared his experiences and insights during an interview with AddZest. This case study explores how his team utilized data-driven personalization techniques to enhance the user journey on his platform and drive customer engagement.


Xavier Macia has a strong background in technology and marketing, with previous experience as the Co-Founder and CTO of Artshield, an ecosystem for artists, galleries, collectors, and art lovers. With a deep understanding of the NFT space, Xavier embarked on his latest venture,, aiming to simplify the process of creating and launching NFT collections.

Challenges Faced:

One of the main challenges the team encountered was attracting and retaining users on his platform. Despite offering a user-friendly solution for NFT creation, was not gaining sufficient traction. They realized the need to identify the user’s level of familiarity with web3 technology to provide a tailored experience that resonated with their preferences and knowledge.

Data-Driven Personalization:

To address this challenge, NFTool leveraged data-driven personalization techniques to analyze user behavior and predict whether they were web3 natives or not. By analyzing various data points, Xavier could determine the user’s level of familiarity with web3 technology.

Tailoring the User Journey:

For users identified as web3 natives, they ensured a seamless experience by connecting their existing wallets to through Wallet Connect. This approach allowed these users to easily access and manage their NFT collections. On the other hand, for users who were not web3 natives, the team implemented a ‘magic wallet journey’, to guide and educate them about web3 technology. Through personalized messaging and step-by-step instructions, they encouraged these users to create and connect their wallets to experience the full potential of This approach helped bridge the knowledge gap and increase user engagement among non-web3 natives.

Results and Impact:

The platform’s data-driven personalization strategy yielded positive outcomes for By tailoring the user journey based on the user’s web3 familiarity, they observed a significant increase in user engagement and conversion rates. Users appreciated the personalized approach, which reduced the friction of onboarding and fostered a sense of confidence in utilizing web3 technology. Moreover, their emphasis on educating non-web3 natives about the benefits and functionalities of web3 wallets contributed to a broader adoption of Many users who initially had limited knowledge of web3 technology became active participants in the NFT ecosystem, thereby expanding the platform’s user base.


Their innovative use of data-driven personalization techniques exemplifies the power of understanding user preferences and tailoring experiences accordingly. By leveraging insights obtained through data analysis, the team successfully enhanced the user journey on, driving engagement and facilitating the adoption of web3 technology. This approach serves as an inspiration for other businesses aiming to create personalized experiences and improve customer satisfaction in the rapidly evolving web3 landscape.

Check the whole research on DocSend here.

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