NFTool PRO was showcased in the AddZest research

06 July 2023- 8 mins read

Seeing one of my projects, NFTool PRO, featured in the AddZest’s research “Wallet Journeys,” was a moment to celebrate. It affirmed the efforts we have poured into developing a platform empowering ...

NFTool PRO Creating an NFT Collection From a PSD

14 February 2023- 32 seconds

Join me for a casual walkthrough as we explore the simplicity of this tool, making NFT creation more accessible for digital artists. Discover the magic of NFTool.PRO and how it adds a new dimension...

Launching NFTool PRO To Help Artists With The Blockchain

14 February 2023- 3:21 minutes

Today is the day! After developing NFTool PRO for the last year, we finally launched the first open BETA version of the platform. Right now you can generate up to 20000 NFT images from a single Pho...