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I really enjoyed reading the article that @Tevko published yesterday about the mobile apps and their future. I completely agree 100%. For me, the only ‘cons‘ we need to wait for are better API to improve the access to things like camera, processor or sensors, because currently all that features are not available from a webapp.

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Also, a BIG handicap is the memory management, in web technology we have Javascript and its Garbage Collection sucks, luckily Javascript is improving in the last years, also we will see better frameworks like AngularJS to create truly high-level apps so customers only will need to bookmark it and click! No updates anymore!

Scissors cutting the word costs concept for recession or credit crisis

Development costs could be highly cut down, as we wouldn’t need to develop an app for Android, another for iOS, Windows Phone, FirefoxOS, etc.

Lets see what next year brings to us!