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Alibaba Cloud ACA Cloud Computing Exam Tips

04 December 2018- 9 mins read

I recently passed my ACA (Alibaba Cloud Associate) Cloud Computing Certification exam. As Alibaba Cloud MVP Diamond, I want to help you to pass as well with the Alibaba Cloud ACA Exam Questions.

My Alibaba Cloud Story

27 November 2018- 11 mins read

Last week, as part of being part of the Alibaba Cloud MVP family, I had the opportunity to enjoy an interview with James Fitzgerald, a passionate of cloud computing San Franciscan who currently wor...

QS-2008 Pick And Place Vacuum Pump

25 November 2018- 1 min read

I got this pick-and-place machine from eBay last week and, since I can’t find any disassembly page for it online, I make it. The post will be just images, as they speak for themselves and the whole...

Build your first serverless website with Alibaba Cloud

22 November 2018- 11 mins read

Serverless is the buzzword among developers recently, right? Well, do you really know how to take full advantage of it? This tutorial will help you to create a small, serverless personal webpage by...

Function Compute to Power Schedule Alibaba Cloud ECS Instances

21 November 2018- 13 mins read

In web development we have to deal with different environments when developing, testing and deploying our websites or applications. This way of doing things is very useful because it lets you show ...

Going Serverless with Alibaba Cloud [Meetup]

28 September 2018- 1 min read

Introduction to Alibaba Cloud’s Serverless platform and discussion of different use-cases. Hear how to leverage the Serverless platform to create the next-gen applications by leveraging microservic...

Launch an Alibaba Cloud ECS with Docker using Terraform

31 August 2018- 1 min read

This example will show you how to launch an Alibaba Cloud (阿里云) ECS Instance using Ubuntu and packed with Docker and Docker Compose. Very simple but can be used as good start for other project.

Being an Alibaba Cloud MVP

22 August 2018- 5 mins read

What is the MVP Program?

How to Deploy Apps Effortlessly with Packer and Terraform

09 August 2018- 10 mins read

Alibaba Cloud published a very neat white paper about DevOps that is very interesting to read. It shows how “DevOps is a model that goes beyond simple implementation of agile principles to manage t...

Create a VPN-secured VPC with Packer and Terraform

09 August 2018- 13 mins read

Securing a web application in terms of access management can be tricky, as there are multiple ways to do it in an acceptable way.

Introduction to Alibaba Cloud and Devops tools [Meetup]

27 July 2018- 1 min read

Our first Meetup in Brisbane! What is Alibaba Cloud? What are the differences with other providers? Get answer for all this questions and more in our first introductory event where we will review t...

Alibaba Cloud Terraform 101 Basic Setup

22 July 2018- 12:16 minutes

In this video we will learn how to setup macOS to work with the Official Terraform provider for Alibaba Cloud (阿里云).

Awarded as Alibaba Cloud MVP 2018

30 June 2018- 2 mins read

I’m proud to announce that I achieved a new major achievement as the Most Valuable Professional (MVP Diamond) for Alibaba Cloud 2018.

Hosting Multiple Websites on a Single Alibaba Cloud ECS Server

25 May 2018- 15 mins read

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to run two or more websites using the same Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) Instance using Docker Compose and a Reverse Proxy. I’ll show two op...

Deploying and Best Practices with Alibaba Cloud

11 May 2018- 12 mins read

With this How-To I want to talk about Best Practices using Alibaba Cloud (阿里云) deploying a new website/webapp to their infrastructure, also covering the implementation of the maintenance. The artic...

Guía de NBN para el inmigrante, en SBS Radio

10 May 2018- 6:09 minutes

Docker Image cleaning easy automation with cron

03 May 2018- 1 min read

Docker makes it easy to ship your applications and services in containers, so you can run them anywhere. Also true is that the more you work with Docker the easier your VM tends to accumulate a hug...

Los Chinos Nos Copian

23 April 2018- 7 mins read

Ahora que he captado tu atención con tremendo clickbait de manual, vamos a hablar de unas de las razones culturales por las que, creo, en China se copia tanto. Y es que, además de ser un país que h...

Setting Up Load Balancers Using Terraform

13 April 2018- 14 mins read

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up a CMS, in this case Bolt, on Alibaba Cloud using a Load Balancer and RDS with 3 ECS instances attached. We will be doing this based on a DevOps appro...

Redes sociales: el mal necesario que casi nadie quiere abandonar, en SBS Radio

24 March 2018- 8:48 minutes

Dynamic DNS using Alibaba Cloud DNS API

09 February 2018- 14 mins read

According to Wikipedia, “Dynamic DNS (DDNS or DynDNS) is a method of automatically updating a name server record, often in real time, with the active Dynamic DNS configuration of its configured hos...

Run Bolt With Docker And Terraform With Alibaba Cloud

08 February 2018- 15 mins read

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up Bolt on Alibaba Cloud ECS. We will be doing this based on a DevOps approach.

Aplicaciones peligrosas: ¿Hasta dónde nos rastrean por celular?, En SBS Radio

07 February 2018- 7:52 minutes

Alibaba Cloud PHP and AB Benchmarking

02 January 2018- 4 mins read

As some of you may know, I recently moved all my services and infrastructure to Alibaba Cloud (阿里云), being this one of the best decisions I made in 2017 in terms of Cloud Computing. I used several ...