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How to create a Template in WordPress without FTP Access

02 November 2015- 1 min read

You want to create a Template in your theme, and somehow you don’t have FTP access in that moment. But, hey, you have the WordPress logins to enter in the backend, so… stay tuned!

There is a datacenter that runs on lake water

13 September 2015- 2 mins read

In the heart of Chunan (淳安县), right on the famous Qiandao Lake (千岛湖) lies what is probably the greenest datacenter in the world.

Script to make paged online tests with jQuery and Bootstrap

07 September 2015- 1 min read

Ok, you want know if you are a positive or negative person. Or maybe you want to know if your death is close. Or you just want a personality test. Anyway, you are here because you need to build an ...

WP Multisite to single WordPress manual installation

24 August 2015- 3 mins read

This post was made after a very intense session of 6 hours trying, without luck, to export a wp multisite site using the WordPress tools and plugins. So I decided to do it manually like a real man.


16 April 2015- 1 min read


Aun Aprendo, de Francisco Goya

23 February 2015- 13 mins read

Aun aprendo (Álbum G, 54)

Nueva ley de Retención de metadatos en Australia, en SBS Radio

19 February 2015- 6:53 minutes

El sistema anti-fraude de PayPal ‘defrauda’

18 January 2015- 5 mins read

No escribo esto para animarte a dejar de usar PayPal ya que, en mi caso, me parece un buen sistema de pago online y seguiré usándolo. Escribo esto para alertar de una práctica bastante “poco ética”...

Controlando un LED con un LDR en Arduino

07 January 2015- 4 mins read

Usar un LDR para automatizar una tarea suele ser un ejemplo muy básico a la hora de empezar con Arduino. Esto es porque aglutina, en pocas líneas, todo lo que necesitas para empezar con fuerza en e...