2020 wasn’t a normal year. Period. Australian fires, Kobe Bryant’s death, COVID-19, a massive monkey brawl in Thailand… But, yes, specially COVID-19.


Go away, 2020


Covid-19 has brought world’s aviation and tourism industries to their knees, travel restrictions are everywhere and people around the world are in lockdowns. We are in 2021, and still the majority of the population is waiting to get vaccinated.

I’m currently in Thailand. I just left an 11 days hotel quarantine (ASQ) and, so far, I got into a total of 5 international flights this year (Australia, Spain, France, UAE & Thailand). I can tell you now, travelling right now is not for everyone. Travelling is hard, with very strict measures and not friendly at all. COVID-19 is no joke and, even with all the efforts in place by governments, cases are leaking and causing new waves everywhere. My reasons of travelling are private but, if not strictly necessary, please stay home.


Empty Airports

Empty Terminal Station


Empty Check-in area


Oh, one human boarding!


Empty Planes

An almost-empty Air France 777-300ER


An empty Qatar Airways A350-900


Medical Checks

Medical Checks on arrival to Bangkok



The “pink page”, straight to a 10-day quarantine


Hotel quarantine

Hotel following strict safety measures


I spent 11 days in that minuscule room :D


Washing clothes in a bucket


I took the chance to work during the ASQ


The hotel let me go out 3 times in short breaks



This article is just a document to show how strict measures are. I got interrogated when leaving Spain at the Bilbao airport. I got interrogated at the Paris airport on arrival and on departure, plus checked temperature twice. Then, at Bangkok, police and hospital workers welcomed me with another interrogation, calling to my contacts in the country to verify the story and many other things.

If you don’t have a pretty solid reason to travel, just don’t. Travelling now is painful, expensive and dangerous. Also, if you are not used to travel and being in airports internationally you’ll get easily lost, as there is not many people working at airports either. You are on your own. On top of this, a PCR is needed for every movement you make, and they are expensive and tedious to obtain.

But, if you choose to travel… Good luck!