'Hunting' by Arthur Conlon

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Allow me to introduce you to my latest purchase – a triptych created by Arthur Conlon, an Aboriginal artist whose work speaks volumes about his deep connection to his Wakka Wakka ancestry and the rich fauna of Queensland, Australia.

The triptych from Arthur Conlon
The triptych from Arthur Conlon

The Artwork

Imagine scenes of hunters chasing Frilled lizards, kangaroos, and turtles, all set against the backdrop of Bora Rings, ancient gathering places for Aboriginal communities. These paintings, delicately crafted on recycled “Yellow Pages” and framed together, capture the essence of a culture deeply rooted in nature.

Artist’s Motivations

Arthur Conlon’s artistic endeavors are more than just expressions of creativity; they are manifestations of a deep-seated reverence for his cultural heritage and the land that has nurtured his people for generations. Drawing inspiration from his Wakka Wakka lineage and the diverse fauna of Queensland, Arthur imbues his artwork with a sense of pride and purpose, striving to preserve and celebrate the traditions of his ancestors. Through his paintings, Arthur invites us to embark on a journey of discovery, to reconnect with the land and its stories, and to honor the wisdom of those who came before us.

In words of Arthur Conlon himself:

This is my original artwork using water-based paint. The painting is based on hunting. The big circle represents a meeting place (Bora Ring). This is the main central point where Aboriginal people meet. The small circles are the tribes and the land they inhabit. Writing materials were not heard of in the Dreaming, so using their hands was the only way to mark their signature. They did this by putting ochre (rock paint) in their mouth, placed the hand on the cave wall, and blew the paint over it. This represents their signature or a mark to indicate the tribe belonging to that particular area of land.

Certified as Queensland Aboriginal Creation

These artworks are accompanied by a certificate from Queensland Aboriginal Creations (QAC), a former government-owned establishment that operated from 1958 to 2005.

QAC certificate
QAC certificate

QAC served as a prominent venue for the sale of genuine Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, playing a leading role in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tourism retail market in Queensland.

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