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For some time I’ve been trying to build my own EDC (everyday carry) kit for different situations. One of the requirements is to be able to boil water (to cook or to clean water). For this I tried to build a small alcohol “can” stove, but although itself if light, I need to carry some alcohol and that can get heavy. Another problem of the alcohol stove is its volume, it can’t go flat when transporting it. Ideally, everything in my EDC kit should be foldable as much as it can be possible.

After researching a bit on the Internet, I found this DIY stove which is where I got the inspiration, but it was too big for me and the part he was using is not available easily in Australia, where Bunnings has a big monopoly.

The idea of creating a stove also needed to be with the least modifications possible, as if is going to be a big effort, I rather buy one from the shop.

Browsing the Bunnings website I found this Connector Plate. I think for 82 cents a piece was worth to give it a try:

I bought 6 of them and put together the following SketchUp design to share with everyone. The final weight is around 180g.

Stove Parts

Stove 3D View

If you want to do it by yourself, here you have the SketchUp plans with real dimensions. Cheers!