Alibaba Cloud's Unique Role in Securing Blockchain Applications

29 August 2023- 6 mins read

Blockchain is great and it has a huge potential for the future, but one of its critical vulnerabilities is the integrity of its nodes, the backbone of the system. In an Internet with more Web3.0 ap...

NFTool PRO was showcased in the AddZest research

06 July 2023- 8 mins read

Seeing one of my projects, NFTool PRO, featured in the AddZest’s research “Wallet Journeys,” was a moment to celebrate. It affirmed the efforts we have poured into developing a platform empowering ...

De 'Sálvame' a YouTube

06 May 2023- 5 mins read

Al fin sucedió lo que se rumoreaba, “Sálvame” desaparece.

Speed Up Alibaba Cloud OSS Deployments By Zipping The Files

20 February 2023- 6 mins read

OSS, the Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service, can be an amazing tool to save money hosting static websites and, at the same time, speeding up a site by avoiding unnecessary database queries and se...

Using AppleScript To Create Smart Albums In Photos Based On Resolution

18 February 2023- 3 mins read

Over the years I accumulated quite an amount of pictures and, as usual, they are hardly seen again once you copy them to the computer. To avoid this and making them easily accesible, I rely complet...

El 996 Chino

17 February 2023- 15:43 minutes

Descubre el controvertido concepto laboral conocido como “El 996 Chino” en esta entrevista. Exploramos cómo esta práctica de trabajar de 9 a.m. a 9 p.m., seis días a la semana, ha generado debates ...

La Guerra de Chips

15 February 2023- 6:36 minutes

En esta entrevista, Adrián y yo exploramos la guerra de chips entre China y Estados Unidos. Descubre las razones detrás de esta rivalidad tecnológica y su impacto en la economía global. Analizamos ...

NFTool PRO Creating an NFT Collection From a PSD

14 February 2023- 32 seconds

Join me for a casual walkthrough as we explore the simplicity of this tool, making NFT creation more accessible for digital artists. Discover the magic of NFTool.PRO and how it adds a new dimension...