The Future Collectability of the Porsche 996, A Diamond in the Rough

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In a world where classic car enthusiasts eagerly await the next big thing in the collector’s market, the Porsche 996 stands poised to defy its critics and emerge as a sought-after gem in the automotive landscape. While detractors may dismiss it as the “fried egg” or the black sheep of the Porsche family, there are compelling reasons to believe that the 996 has the potential to become a highly coveted classic in the years to come.

The Porsche 991 996 Pre-Facelift
The Porsche 991 996 Pre-Facelift

Why I’m Writing This

Recently, an article penned by Jack Baruth surfaced, casting doubt on the potential collectability of the Porsche 996, labeling it as a mere footnote in the annals of Porsche history.

And I disagree.

While Baruth’s arguments may hold some merit, they fail to capture the true essence of the 996 and the unique path it may tread towards becoming a highly sought-after classic.

My Vision On The 996’s Future

One key factor that will contribute to the 996’s future collectability is its current affordability. As prices for pristine examples of classic Porsches continue to skyrocket, the 996 represents a more accessible entry point into the world of Porsche 911 ownership. However, this accessibility comes with a caveat: many individuals with limited financial resources may be drawn to the 996, eager to fulfill their dreams of owning a Porsche without fully understanding the responsibilities that comes with it.

Unfortunately, this influx of budget-conscious buyers may result in a glut of poorly maintained or modified 996s flooding the market. From ill-advised modifications to neglectful maintenance practices, these vehicles may suffer at the hands of owners who lack the means or the inclination to preserve them in their original state. As a result, pristine examples of the 996, meticulously maintained by dedicated Porsche enthusiasts, will become increasingly rare and valuable.

Indeed, it is these dedicated enthusiasts who hold the key to the 996’s future collectability. While many may view the 996 with disdain, there are those among us who recognize its potential and are committed to preserving it for future generations. These individuals understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of the 996, keeping it true to its Porsche heritage and ensuring that it remains a testament to the marque’s engineering prowess.

In the years to come, as the ranks of well-maintained 996s dwindle and the demand for pristine examples grows, we can expect to see a resurgence of interest in this often maligned model. Those fortunate enough to own a meticulously preserved 996, specially the first version pre-facelift, will find themselves in possession of a rare and highly sought-after commodity, commanding top dollar in the collector’s market.

While the Porsche 996 may currently be overlooked and undervalued, its future as a collectible classic is bright indeed. By recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities that the 996 presents, savvy enthusiasts can position themselves to reap the rewards of its future appreciation.

So, to all the skeptics and naysayers, I say this: don’t count out the 996 just yet. With the right care and attention, it may very well prove to be the diamond in the rough that collectors have been searching for.

After all, we are talking about the first water-cooled 911. Not a small thing.

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