Tengine OpenResty Docker Image

Tengine is, in a nutshell, Nginx with super-powers. This web server is everything you love about Nginx but with some neat extra features like dynamic module loading (loading modules without recompiling), unbuffered request proxy forwarding (saving precious disk I/Os), support for dynamic scripting language (Lua) for config files, and way more. You can have a look to the full list of features in the Tengine official site.

This web server has been an open source project since December 2011. Made by the Taobao team, an Alibaba Group company and, since then, it’s been used in sites like taobao.com, tmall.com and used internally in Alibaba Cloud as a key part of their CDN’s Load Balancers.

As you can see, Tengine is being tested in some websites with more traffic in the world.

Tengine OpenResty Docker Image


On top of this, this Docker Image is packed with Lua, making this Image, effectively, a Tengine OpenResty distribution ready to use. To use it, just update the image reference, as it works as a drop-in replacement of the official OpenResty one.

OpenResty was, as Tengine, originally sponsored by Taobao. This shows the great commitment Alibaba has with the Open Source community.


Add a custom default.conf to the /etc/nginx/conf.d/ directory.

Usage example with Docker Compose

version: "3.9"
    image: roura/tengine:lua
    container_name: tengine-lua
    restart: on-failure
      - "80:80"

Have fun with OpenResty!

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