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Host-based routing with Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes (ACK)

05 October 2021- 8 mins read

When creating a multi-deployment platform in Kubernetes, you will quickly realise how many LoadBalancer-type Services you deployed. This is usually not a problem with a self-built, self-hosted Clus...

Dealing With Large Docker Images in Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes

18 April 2021- 6 mins read

All applications starts in the same way, usually with a simple deployment made up of a tiny and organised Docker Container which is built and deployed within minutes. As your business grows, that t...

Terminating SSL on an Alibaba Cloud SLB with Kubernetes

10 March 2021- 3 mins read

SSL termination, sometimes so easy, sometimes so hard… If you ended up reading this article you probably are in the second group. Welcome to the brotherhood, mate.

Giving Internet Access to an Alibaba Cloud Serverless K8s Pod

15 January 2021- 8 mins read

By default, a user would use an ECS Instance when deploying applications on Alibaba Cloud. This usually is the go-to solution of most people. An ECS Instance in Alibaba Cloud is a Virtual Machine t...