Upgrade Bkool BCycling (Classic or Pro pre-Aug2014) to ANT+ FE-C

11 October 2021- 6 mins read

Hopefully this is useful for more people like me who, like me, had an old Bkool Classic rotting in a corner as they couldn’t use it.

IoT with Alibaba Cloud – Webinar

22 October 2019- 2 mins read

Learn how your devices can connect to Alibaba Cloud’s Internet of Things (IoT) solution by setting up a simulated IoT device. Have a look to the Webinar I recorded while in Hangzhou at Alibaba’s of...

Controlando un LED con un LDR en Arduino

07 January 2015- 4 mins read

Usar un LDR para automatizar una tarea suele ser un ejemplo muy básico a la hora de empezar con Arduino. Esto es porque aglutina, en pocas líneas, todo lo que necesitas para empezar con fuerza en e...