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Harnessing the Power of Brown Dispatching in a Professional Environment

25 June 2024- 6 mins read

In the world of business, innovative strategies often emerge from unexpected places. Today, I introduce a revolutionary concept from Spain: “Brown Dispatching”. This seemingly whimsical term, deriv...

Loyalty, Ethics & Business

21 June 2024- 5 mins read

Sounds obvious, but there we go: In business (or friendship, romance or any human interaction really), loyalty and ethics are fundamental for fostering long-term relationships, ensuring mutual grow...

How And Why I Built A Remote Business

25 April 2021- 11 mins read

I’ve been working since I was 16 years old, first at a moving company, a couple of junk food joints, a sports shop, an electronics store… then I moved to Australia and enjoyed some roles as web dev...