Elegir Alibaba Cloud como oportunidad para tu negocio

28 March 2020- 9 mins read

Las empresas que buscan conectarse con el mercado digital de China muy pronto se dan cuenta de la necesidad de disponer de infraestructura local en dicho país. Con más de la mitad del mercado IaaS ...

Cloudcast, Container Networking

27 March 2020- 55:21 minutes

There is a new podcast in town! Well, “Cloudcast” in this case 😅

Alibaba Cloud Academy Day 2020

27 February 2020- 5 mins read

As you may know, I’m a fan of the Alibaba Cloud Academy since it came to existence. Their way to structure the certifications is unique and really teaches you how to leverage the cloud just the way...

Participating in Alibaba Cloud Open Platform’s first challenge

07 January 2020- 5 mins read

If you weren’t aware, I submitted on November a Terraform Module I made to the Alibaba Cloud Open Platform Challenge. Said challenge was designed to bring developers closer to the tools Alibaba Clo...

Exploring Aliyun’s Linux Distribution

05 December 2019- 9 mins read

In this article I’ll go through the advantages of using Aliyun Linux, a CentOS-based Linux distribution developed and maintained by Alibaba Cloud. Compared to other available Virtual Machines like ...

Escapando De La Anglofonía: Volviendo a La Iberofonía

02 December 2019- 5 mins read

Llegué a Australia en 2014. Pensando que tras ver los canguros, koalas y demás curiosidades varias volvería tras un año a la península Ibérica. Que sería una aventura de expat, nada más.

Alicloud Container Registry Terraform Module

22 November 2019- 5 mins read

A Terraform module to create a private Container Registry namespace and a RAM role able to pull/push from the namespace created. Alicloud Terraform Module.

Build your own serverless ECS Instance monitor

08 November 2019- 13 mins read

When dealing with critical ECS instances, specially the ones running our applications, many times we worry about their performance all the time, sometimes to the point in where we need to pay or le...