[video] [Webinar] El Ecosistema Serverless de Alibaba Cloud

less than 1 minute read

El 24 de septiembre hice un pequeño webinar (15 minutos). En esta sesión descubriremos el ecosistema Serverless de Alibaba Cloud e introduciremos los servici...

IoT with Alibaba Cloud – Webinar

2 minute read

Learn how your devices can connect to Alibaba Cloud’s Internet of Things (IoT) solution by setting up a simulated IoT device. Have a look to the Webinar I re...

[video] Using Aliyun Fun with Function Compute

2 minute read

This GitHub repository is being created to help you understand how to easily deal with emails when working on serverless/microservice architectures on Alibab...

[video] Alibaba Cloud Terraform 101 Basic Setup

1 minute read

In this video we will learn how to setup macOS to work with the Official Terraform provider for Alibaba Cloud (阿里云).