Migrate a WordPress site from Alibaba Cloud SAS to ECS

17 January 2022- 10 mins read

Terms like “Cloud Computing“, “Cloud Server“, “Virtual Machine” or “Database” could be daunting for someone who is just starting. This is why I completely understand the people who are having a har...

Testing the new Alibaba Cloud 6th Gen ECS Instances

07 December 2020- 6 mins read

As part of being an Alibaba Cloud MVP Diamond, I get to test from time to time new products from this cloud provider for free, which is a really nice thing to have. In this occasion, thanks to some...

Dynamic IP, Home NAS and Alibaba Cloud API

15 July 2019- 14 mins read

When I got my NAS, I had clear that I wanted to access it from anywhere in the world, as I’m a person who loves travelling and from time to time I’ll need the documents, photos and files in general...

Alibaba Cloud PHP and AB Benchmarking

02 January 2018- 4 mins read

As some of you may know, I recently moved all my services and infrastructure to Alibaba Cloud (阿里云), being this one of the best decisions I made in 2017 in terms of Cloud Computing. I used several ...

Country detection via PHP

24 April 2016- 1 min read

Imagine a with some, with content related to each country. One solution is a javascript-based country detector that could ask the visitor to change the cur...

How to create a Template in WordPress without FTP Access

02 November 2015- 1 min read

You want to create a Template in your theme, and somehow you don’t have FTP access in that moment. But, hey, you have the WordPress logins to enter in the backend, so… stay tuned!

Script to make paged online tests with jQuery and Bootstrap

07 September 2015- 1 min read

Ok, you want know if you are a positive or negative person. Or maybe you want to know if your death is close. Or you just want a personality test. Anyway, you are here because you need to build an ...

¿Qué hora es?, ¿qué color es?

26 July 2014- 1 min read

Hoy os traigo algo interesante, aunque sea una chorrada como una casa. Pero bueno, para eso está el blog, ¿no?

Dinamize the content with PHP

06 June 2014- 1 min read

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Insert a file with PHP

26 April 2014- 1 min read

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Auto-updating copyright year in footer with PHP

13 April 2014- 1 min read

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301 Variable Redirection with PHP

17 March 2014- 1 min read

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301 Redirection with PHP

16 March 2014- 1 min read

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Cómo montar un servidor web DIY

08 October 2006- 6 mins read

Cada vez es más asequible y fácil montar un servidor casero en casa, ya que casi todos tenemos un viejo ordenador por el desván o tirado en una esquina de casa, y si no podemos conseguir uno por me...