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Harnessing the Power of Brown Dispatching in a Professional Environment

25 June 2024- 6 mins read

In the world of business, innovative strategies often emerge from unexpected places. Today, I introduce a revolutionary concept from Spain: “Brown Dispatching”. This seemingly whimsical term, deriv...

Politically Correct UNIX

01 June 2014- 5 mins read

In order for UNIX(tm) to survive into the nineties, it must get rid of its intimidating commands and outmoded jargon, and become compatible with the existing standards of our day. To this end, our ...

Difícil de pronunciar cuando estás borracho

18 April 2011- 1 min read

Este post es de 2011, siendo yo idiota adolescente. Toma el post como resultado de tal enajenación transitoria. Lo dejo por cuestiones históricas, pero puede tener opiniones que no comparta a dí...

¿Cómo ser un sinvergüenza con las señoras?

23 May 2009- 1 min read