Manipulando Resultados De Un LLM Como GPT-3

31 March 2022- 6 mins read

Nuevas tecnologías, nuevos problemas.

How (and why) I minted 314 NFTs To Support Open Source Projects

17 March 2022- 6 mins read

Contributing to Open Source projects makes any developer feel good and with a purpose. Seeing how your help is solving real-world issues is certainly a good feeling. In return, Free Software has gi...

Replacing the A1618 battery to a MacBook Pro A1398

18 February 2022- 4 mins read

If you’ve noticed your MacBook Pro A1398 experiencing decreased battery life or, worse yet, a bloated battery, it’s time for a replacement. In this step-by-step guide, I’ll walk you through the pro...

Trentia Me Ha Dedicado Un Artículo!

03 February 2022- 1 min read

En una entrevista reciente con Elena Marcos para la web de la consultora donde trabajo, exploramos mi viaje desde mi adolescencia cuando competía en ciclismo hasta convertirme ahora en DevOps Leade...

Europa raptada por Zeus en el diseño de la nueva TIE

02 February 2022- 2 mins read

La mitología griega siempre ha sido una fuente de inspiración para el arte y la cultura, y eso incluye el diseño de diferentes objetos y elementos de la vida cotidiana. Un ejemplo de ello es la nue...

Alibaba Cloud OSS, More Than Just Storage

24 January 2022- 7 mins read

When we talk about storage we often think about hard drives, USB sticks and devices of the kind. All those solutions are okay for personal computers (and even for servers to store the basic Operati...

Using Alibaba Cloud DevOps Flow to automate an ECS Deployment

19 January 2022- 8 mins read

Called just “Flow“, this is the long-awaited DevOps tool from Alibaba Cloud. Until now, this cloud provider didn’t have any CI/CD platform to help developers automate pipelines. Automating pipeline...

Migrate a WordPress site from Alibaba Cloud SAS to ECS

17 January 2022- 10 mins read

Terms like “Cloud Computing“, “Cloud Server“, “Virtual Machine” or “Database” could be daunting for someone who is just starting. This is why I completely understand the people who are having a har...