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Leche Con 7up

1 minute read

¿Aburrido con bebidas como el Tinto De Verano o la Sangría? Prepárate para esta bebida que aprobaría hasta la mascota de 7up, el mismísimo Fido Dido en perso...

Kanga banga sanga (Recipe)

2 minute read

An aussie favorite! A sausage sizzle, also called “Aussie taco” by foodies and connoisseurs, is a popular meal offered at most of the Bunnings Warehouse stor...

Pokemon Fights In Bash

2 minute read

This bash script emulates a fight between 2 Pokemons using the PokeAPI from the terminal. It uses the field attack from stats for the fight.

Alibaba Cloud OSS, More Than Just Storage

7 minute read

When we talk about storage we often think about hard drives, USB sticks and devices of the kind. All those solutions are okay for personal computers (and eve...