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  • Host-based routing with Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes (ACK)

    When creating a multi-deployment platform in Kubernetes, you will quickly realise how many LoadBalancer-type Services you deployed. This is usually not a problem with a self-built, self-hosted Cluster, as you manage how things gets created. The problem appears when you use managed Kubernetes solutions like Alibaba Cloud ACK, as it will create an SLB (Server Load Balancer) every time you expose a LoadBalancer-type Service for your Deployment.

  • Terminating SSL and setting up an Alibaba Cloud SLB with Kubernetes

    SSL termination, sometimes so easy, sometimes so hard… If you ended up reading this article you probably are in the second group. Welcome to the brotherhood, mate.

  • Giving Internet Access to an Alibaba Cloud Serverless K8s Pod

    By default, a user would use an ECS Instance when deploying applications on Alibaba Cloud. This usually is the go-to solution of most people. An ECS Instance in Alibaba Cloud is a Virtual Machine that give you a complete Linux/Windows machine for you to use. This is freedom as its best, and you are the sole responsible person for everything happening inside. Such freedom comes with a huge responsibility.