Testing the Alibaba Cloud Elastic Desktop Service (EDS)

Thanks to being an MVP Diamond I became one of the first to test this VDI product called EDS back in February. I was such an early adopter that at the beginning I couldn’t even write a post about this, as I first needed to help Alibaba Cloud’s EDS Product Developer to test several points of […]

Protecting Your Data With Alibaba Cloud KMS

Cloud providers, specially those ranked higher like Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud or Amazon Web Services, tend to follow very scrupulously all regulations everywhere they have a data center or PoP (point of presence). In the case of Alibaba Cloud, we are talking about a big number of those, both international and regional certifications to assure […]

Country detection via PHP

Imagine a example.com with some example.com/es, example.com/fr with content related to each country. One solution is a javascript-based country detector that could ask the visitor to change the current site to the most appropriate one regarding to the visitors origin. The problem with this solution is that the user needs to load the content twice, and […]

MAC Spoofing Your Way to Free Internet

This article will help you gain free access to pay-for-use wireless hotspots such as in the airport or the local coffee shops. Many articles I have read on how to gain free Internet access deal with creating ssh tunnels and concatenating characters onto the URL to bypass the router. However, I will be detailing a […]

JavaScript en diseños responsive

Mucho se ha hablado ya de los “media queries” en CSS para ir adaptando el estilo de la página web según el tamaño del navegador. Pero, en muchas ocasiones, usamos funciones en JavaScript que, dependiendo de la versión de web que estemos usando, deben cambiar. Como ejemplo os pongo en situación de algo básico. Imaginemos […]

¿Qué hora es?, ¿qué color es?

Hoy os traigo algo interesante, aunque sea una chorrada como una casa. Pero bueno, para eso está el blog, ¿no? Se trata de una combinación CSS+PHP+Javascript que hace cambiar el color del cuerpo del documento de forma dinámica según la hora en la que estemos. ¿Cómo lo hace? Como ya sabemos, el color se puede […]

Basic JavaScript/jQuery example for begginers

JavaScript (JS) is a dynamic computer programming language. It is most commonly used as part of web browsers, whose implementations allow client-side scripts to interact with the user, control the browser, communicate asynchronously, and alter the document content that is displayed. It is also being used in server-side programming, game development and the creation of […]

.htaccess basic configuration

Here I will explain a basic configuration of a ‘.htaccess‘. This file is a directory-level configuration file supported by several web servers, that allows for decentralized management of web server configuration. It’s more secure to edit the ‘.htaccess‘ than que ‘http.conf‘. With this file you can configure a lot of things in Apache, but the […]

Basic CSS for a Responsive Web

If you are looking to turn your website into a responsive one, but you don’t want to use a new template or a “foreign” code, this is your solution: You only have to think about the items that will change with the size of the screen. This is an example of a <nav> original CSS […]

Dinamize the content with PHP

One way to do more dinamyc our pages, write less code and simplifying the architecture of the files is using PHP. You can use CSS3 to make the web coolest than others, but the content can be dinamized linking many files. Imagine that you have a master ‘index.php’ with a space to include the content. You […]

Correct file & folder permissions for WordPress

Some plugin desapeared to your WordPress installation? Some hacked thing? No problem, if you fix the file permissions on your files you will harden your site.   Fixing ‘.htaccess‘ & ‘wp-admin/index.php‘ First of all, we must verify the permissions of ‘.htaccess‘ and ‘wp-admin/index.php‘. They cannot be writable except for the user. The correct permission for […]

Using PNG images as Favicon

By far, the PNG is a more common image format and have more support. In addition, it is easier to create using multiple programs. The classic ‘favicon.ico‘ has passed away a long time ago,  but many webs actually uses this format. The Favicon can be a GIF or a ICO image, but the PNG is the recommended one […]

Insert a file with PHP

There are situations in wich we want to edit separately the content of a website instead to edit all in one file. <?php include ‘FILE.inc’; ?> For me it’s more comfortable edit the files in parts. We can make a file like this: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <?php include ‘head.inc’; ?> </head> <body> <?php include ‘body.inc’; ?> […]