Moving the internal electronics of an Audi 3-key remote

I recently got a replacement case for my Audi 3-key remote. The kit only comes with the actual housing, so the idea is to replace everything inside. The only “gotcha” I found when replacing the electronics was about how to hold the new one in place again, as I needed to melt the plastic bit […]

Building a DIY foldable hobo stove

For some time I’ve been trying to build my own EDC (everyday carry) kit for different situations. One of the requirements is to be able to boil water (to cook or to clean water). For this I tried to build a small alcohol “can” stove, but although itself if light, I need to carry some […]

Controlando un LED con un LDR en Arduino

Usar un LDR suele ser un ejemplo muy básico a la hora de empezar con Arduino. Aglutina, en pocas líneas, todo lo que necesitas para empezar con fuerza en este mundillo. Un fotorresistor o fotorresistencia es un componente electrónico cuya resistencia disminuye con el aumento de intensidad de luz incidente.1​ Puede también ser llamado fotoconductor, célula fotoeléctrica o resistor dependiente de la luz, cuyas siglas, […]

How to make a coke Watering can

A watering can is a portable container, usually with a handle and a spout, used to water plants by hand. Looking for some DIY to do in the weekend, and having the environment in mind, I made this handy watering can with a used coke bottle.           Okay, I know. It’s […]

Refrigerar el chipset de la placa base

Refrigerar el chipset es buena idea. Tras colocar un nuevo disipador al procesador y un ventilador con 3 leds, he pensado que quizá sería buena idea colocarle un ventilador de un viejo pentium al chipset de la placa base. El chipset cumple una función, y los diseñadores de esta placa base no son tontos y […]