Review from an unsatisfied client of Select Automotive Car Dealer in Stafford (Formerly at Kedron). I write about how they sold me a car with hidden damage and then I needed to pay an extra $4500 to fix all. I’m happy to remove this review, but only if Select Automotive wants to talk with me.

EDIT: Thanks for all the support, after writing this post a lot of people contacted me asking for advice and sharing their bad experiences with this car dealer. So I can confirm I’m not the only person scammed by Select Automotive. Again, thanks for all the support.

Im writing this review to let future clients of Select Automotive Car Dealer know in which conditions they sell the cars and how they manage the client service. Im going to describe it in a timeline-way how they sold me a car with hidden damage to make it easier to read. Sorry for the english level in this review, I’m spanish!


First of all, most of the text of this review is already sent to Select Automotive and discussed with them. The only new stuff is in the end of the article, when they stopped answering my calls. I bought a car in May of 2015 with a coolant leak they refused to repair since the beginning. Also they sold me the car without doing the service and changing the timing belt (was more than 1 year overdue but they said was not a problem.). Also, as a part of the deal I asked them to clean, dry and seal the right tail light, as it had some humidity in it, but they didn’t fix that. Man, even the battery that car had wasn’t the appropriated!


1 month and a half after the sale

In the moment of the sale, the car already had 3 months overdue in the service, (according to the provided documentation). Instead of selling me a serviced car, they said verbally to me that the first service was included.

In the beginning Select Automotive refused to do the included first service for free as discussed, but finally they accepted.

I asked for a coolant leaking and also about 1 error via OBD (16825, malfunctioning EVAP canister). Both problems were there since the beginning.

They found a problem related to the leaking and changed, in warranty, a quick acting coupler (I never saw the replaced part and they never gave me any report). But they didn’t fix the EVAP canister.

About the coolant leak

At this moment, the low coolant alert appeared 3 weeks before going to service the car, so I started to use my second car to prevent overheating. That means that in 1 month the car lost about 2L of coolant in about 2000 km. Is not normal at all.


3 months and a half

Contacted again with Select Automotive, asking for a persistent coolant leak since the last visit, I also needed to refill it 2 times.

At this moment I started to use my second car again. This means that in about 50 days after the last repair the car lost more than 6 litres.

So I dropped the car in the workshop of Stafford (Formerly at Kedron). Also exchanged some phone calls with them, even Select Automotive hanging up my calls.

They didn’t want to repair the coolant leak in warranty because they said the only coolant leak was in the radiator, and this is not covered. I accepted. But also I said the leak was there since the beginning and they sold me the car with the radiator broken already (something I can prove). They refused to accept that, but also refused to prove I was wrong.


When I picked up my car, they accepted to change my radiator for free if I buy the part. I pointed a coolant leak in another place (part #1K0122291B) apart of the radiator, opposite as described in, when they said the only leak was in the radiator.


4 months and a half

Finally I received the radiator, called them and booked the repair. I dropped the car with the radiator in Stafford (Formerly at Kedron), also asked them to please double check the other part and to make a pressure check after the work.


5 months

I picked up my car, but they only changed the radiator without making a pressure check. Select Automotive refused to check the other broken leaking part. After this, I noted that the front bumper wasn’t properly mounted and had a broken part on the right side, also doesn’t fit in the place it meant to be. Instead of unmount and mount again the bumper, they tweaked the front lid lock, making it now much harder to close, and keeping the bumper incorrectly mounted.

Select Automotive selling faulty cars

Broken Front Bumper


Select Automotive selling faulty cars

Poorly mounted bumper.


After 3 days I received, again, a low coolant alert from the onboard computer. Also, now Im receiving a new error from OBD (18359 – Radiator Fan: Movement Restricted / Jammed).

Also, after checking the old radiator I found the leak. Is very likely that Select Automotive caused the damage to the radiator, because the damage is in the inner part of the radiator, and was made with a sharp instrument from the top, maybe dismounting the fans (see the photo below). Usually when something hits the radiator from the road it causes damage in the outer part, but never in the inner. Anyway they refused to pay it and I needed to pay for a new one.


Detail of the leak

Detail of the leak


5 months and a half

I went for the last time to Select Automotive, asking them to repair the part that was causing the leak. Also pointed the bumper problem. This time I said them to go to the court if the cause more damage to my car and if they don’t fix the problems.

The next day I picked my car in Stafford (Formerly at Kedron), Select Automotive finally fixed the coolant leak, but they refused to fix the incorrectly mounted bumper, refused to fix the jammed fans, refused to replace the EVAP canister and refused to dry and seal the tail light. Only repairing the bumper costed more than $1600.


6 months

At this time, I’m still getting the error from the 2nd fan of the radiator, appears as jammed in the on-board computer (error 18359). Also the error code of the beginning is still there (16825). And of course the front bumper is still broken and not properly mounted, and the tail light still full of water.


6 months and a half

My air conditioner broke in the middle of a 4000km road-trip, in summer, according to 2 different mechanical workshops is most likely caused by overheating because one of the fans is not working. Yes, you are right, that fan that appears as jammed after changing the radiator about one month ago. Now I need to pay $1600 to change the compressor. Select Automotive refuses to pay and are hanging up my calls.


7 months

Remember they sold me the car with an overdue of more than 1 year and a half in the timing belt but they said wasn’t a problem at all? Now the water pump broke in the middle of the motorway, losing all the coolant in less than 3 minutes, surprise! So I needed to pay one tow to go back home, another tow to bring the car to the mechanic and more than $1100 to repair it.


8 months

After the problem with the water pump one month ago, the car is experiencing more engine problems, probably caused by overheating, and in more than 50% of times it won’t start.


Summary of the ‘Select Automotive Experience’

Overdue for the service and timing belt

When I bought the car it had 3 months overdue for the service and 1 year and a half for the timing belt. If they want to build a reputation selling premium cars without following the brands guidelines this is not the way.

Coolant Leak

Select Automotive sold me a car with hidden damage , the car has a coolant leak since the beginning, but they didn’t make any pressure check during any process to verify and find the leak and to double check after the repairs, making the whole thing very unprofessional for this workshop in Stafford (Formerly at Kedron).

Labour warranty

During all the process, they caused damage to my car (they broke the radiator, fans and the front bumper as shown in the photos). Select Automotive refused to pay for them.


They never showed me any evidence/invoice of any kind of test/check or any report about the car until the last day.

After this article, now is your decision to buy or not a car in Select Automotive. If anyway you decide to buy a car in this Car Dealer of Stafford (Formerly at Kedron), please ask for everything they say to you in paper and signed, otherwise they are not going to accept anything good for you. Also, try to check the car before buying it with a proffesional, worth paying someone!