Cuajada o Mamia en Australia


Al igual que sucede con el tomate frito, la cuajada o mamia es una cosa tan del norte de España como la trikitixa o el cachopo. Y es algo que también descubrí después de buscar, sin suerte, este postre que nos vuelve locos especialmente en el País Vasco.     Eroski, Danone, Santi, Ultzama, Goshua… […]

Building a DIY foldable hobo stove


For some time I’ve been trying to build my own EDC (everyday carry) kit for different situations. One of the requirements is to be able to boil water (to cook or to clean water). For this I tried to build a small alcohol “can” stove, but although itself if light, I need to carry some […]

Decoding aircraft positions from ADS-B broadcasts


I always wanted to know how sites like FlightGear24 or FlightAware worked. Doing my research I found they use Digital Radio receptors to decode the signals planes are continuously broadcasting on the 1090MHz band.     Well, turns out its more simple than it looks! There are plenty of tools out there to help you […]

Impermeabilizar Cerillas


Cuando vas al monte en invierno, corres el riesgo de quedar empapado de agua. Uno de los principales inconvenientes es el no poder hacer fuego porque tus herramientas quedan inservibles cuando se mojan. Una solución clásica es llevar encima cerillas/fósforos impermeables (a prueba de agua). Lo normal es que este tipo de cerillas sean caras […]

Tomate Frito en Australia


Pues sí, el tomate frito es una cosa tan española como Manolo Escobar. Y es algo que descubrí después de buscar, sin suerte, esta salsa de tomate que tanto nos gusta en el país de la paella. Mercadona, Orlando, Solís, Eroski, Dia, Carrefour… Por desgracia, nada de eso existe en Australia y ninguna de esas […]

Alibaba Cloud Academy Day 2020

Software Engineering

As you may know, I’m a fan of the Alibaba Cloud Academy since it came to existence. Their way to structure the certifications is unique and really teaches you how to leverage the cloud just the way you want. I personally have a number of certifications from them. My way was to first learn from […]

Exploring Aliyun’s Linux Distribution

Software Engineering

In this article I’ll go through the advantages of using Aliyun Linux, a CentOS-based Linux distribution developed and maintained by Alibaba Cloud. Compared to other available Virtual Machines like Debian/Ubuntu or RHEL/CentOS (amongst others), Aliyun Linux is made in the cloud and for the cloud.     Alibaba optimised this distribution to the point that, […]

Alicloud Container Registry Terraform Module

Software Engineering

A terraform module to create a private Container Registry namespace and a RAM role able to pull/push from the namespace created. Alicloud Terraform Module. NOTE: This module uses AccessKey and SecretKey from profile and shared_credentials_file. If you have not set them yet, please install aliyun-cli and configure it. Architecture Diagram After using this module, the […]

Build your own serverless ECS Instance monitor

Software Engineering

When dealing with critical ECS instances, specially the ones running our applications, many times we worry about their performance all the time, sometimes to the point in where we need to pay or learn to use a number of platforms in order to monitor it. Although you can create automatic alarms using CloudMonitor, sometimes you […]