Travelling Internationally While COVID-19


2020 wasn’t a normal year. Period. Australian fires, Kobe Bryant’s death, COVID-19, a massive monkey brawl in Thailand… But, yes, specially COVID-19.     Covid-19 has brought world’s aviation and tourism industries to their knees, travel restrictions are everywhere and people around the world are in lockdowns. We are in 2021, and still the majority […]

How And Why I Built A Remote Business


I’ve been working since I was 16 years old, first at a moving company, a couple of junk food joints, a sports shop, an electronics store… then I moved to Australia and enjoyed some roles as web developer and software engineer (shout-out to my employers!).     Overall, turns out I’m (touch wood) quite lucky […]

Best Practices Dealing With Large Docker Images in Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes

Software Engineering

All applications starts in the same way, usually with a simple deployment made up of a tiny and organised Docker Container which is built and deployed within minutes. As your business grows, that tiny Docker Container doesn’t rely on a small Image anymore, and the assets built in it, the compiled code and all those […]

Lower the latency of your application in China with EIP & BGP Pro

Software Engineering

The usual problem for companies with some sort of presence in China is the platform speed for their end users located in the Mainland, this stems from the complexities deriving out the views on how the Internet should work according the Chinese authorities. Why is this? For a big part, China’s view of the internet is […]

About How A Single Character Broke Alibaba Cloud’s Container Registry

Software Engineering

You load the site… it doesn’t work. You check the console… some weird error. You examine the code… nothing specially wrong. The debugging nightmare begins! This post starts with something “too” common in programming, am I right? Yes, I am :D There is just too many cases where production breaks “just because” and turns out is […]

Adding visibility to inter-VPC connections with Alibaba Cloud Firewall Enterprise

Software Engineering

In the last article I talked about the product called Cloud Firewall, the FaaS (Firewall as a Service) from Alibaba Cloud, a great alternative and a must-go in terms of capabilities, pricing and low maintenance. And that is precisely why I’m not going to talk now about that, smart! This article will focus on one […]

Terminating SSL and setting up an Alibaba Cloud SLB with Kubernetes

Software Engineering

SSL termination, sometimes so easy, sometimes so hard… If you ended up reading this article you probably are in the second group. Welcome to the brotherhood, mate.   Our problem China! No, not China as a whole. We are talking about getting SSL certificates inside China Mainland, as the Chinese Cybersecurity Law is quite strict […]

[Webinar] El Ecosistema Serverless de Alibaba Cloud

Software Engineering

El próximo 24 de Septiembre haré un pequeño webinar (15 minutos). En esta sesión descubriremos el ecosistema Serverless de Alibaba Cloud e introduciremos los servicios y herramientas que este proveedor cloud nos ofrece para poder correr nuestras aplicaciones de forma más eficiente.   El webinar será en Español.   Temas Qué es Serverless Familia de […]

Protecting Your Data With Alibaba Cloud KMS

Software Engineering

Cloud providers, specially those ranked higher like Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud or Amazon Web Services, tend to follow very scrupulously all regulations everywhere they have a data center or PoP (point of presence). In the case of Alibaba Cloud, we are talking about a big number of those, both international and regional certifications to assure […]

Moving the internal electronics of an Audi 3-key remote


I recently got a replacement case for my Audi 3-key remote. The kit only comes with the actual housing, so the idea is to replace everything inside. The only “gotcha” I found when replacing the electronics was about how to hold the new one in place again, as I needed to melt the plastic bit […]