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First full landing in FlightGear

less than 1 minute read

After the updated a couple of days ago of my first landing, this was the logic continuation. First “landing no breaking the landing gear”. Yeah, not breaking...

El traje nuevo del emperador [Resumen]

2 minute read

El traje nuevo del emperador como cuento, junto al “Aún aprendo” de Goya y otros, es uno de mis referentes intelectuales en cuanto a cómo afrontar la vida. N...

Country detection via PHP

1 minute read

Imagine a with some, with content related to each country. One solution is a javascript-based country detector that...

Basic flexbox structure

less than 1 minute read

Flexbox! That thing, everyone talks about that but anyone actually knows how to handle it =P

There is a datacenter that runs on lake water

1 minute read

In Chun’an 淳安县, right on the Qiandao Lake 千岛湖 lies what is probably the greenest datacenter in the world. The e-commerce giant Alibaba Group finished develop...