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MVP Interview at the Apsara Conference 2019

less than 1 minute read

I was interviewed by Wei Tong, Senior Content Marketing Strategist at Alibaba Cloud. We discussed my motivations to become an MVP, talked about the evolution...

MVP Booth Tour at the Apsara Conference 2019

less than 1 minute read

To help people understand what was going on in the different exhibitions, we made a tour showcasing the top activities inside the hall C. Don’t miss these vi...

Alibaba Cloud MVP Global Summit 2019

1 minute read

As part of the Apsara Conference (Yunqi Conference in chinese, 云栖大会), but one day ahead the official start, the MVP Global Summit was held in Hangzhou (杭州).

Linkt TRP-4010 Transponder (Kapsch tag)

less than 1 minute read

In case you got one of these Linkt toll tags, and you are wondering what it holds inside, no worries, I did that for you.

Accessing Salesforce from China

4 minute read

Yesterday, Alibaba Cloud and Salesforce announced a significant strategic partnership. Under this agreement, Alibaba Cloud became the exclusive provider of S...

Dynamic IP, Home NAS and Alibaba Cloud API

15 minute read

When I got my NAS, I had clear that I wanted to access it from anywhere in the world, as I’m a person who loves travelling and from time to time I’ll need th...

Using Aliyun Fun with Function Compute

2 minute read

This GitHub repository is being created to help you understand how to easily deal with emails when working on serverless/microservice architectures on Alibab...