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Working with Tengine and OpenResty

11 minute read

If you are thinking of implementing some type of callback URL for a pipeline action, endpoint, or something more complex like an API Gateway, you probably ma...

Tomate Frito en Australia

4 minute read

Pues sí, el tomate frito es una cosa tan española como Manolo Escobar. Y es algo que descubrí después de buscar, sin suerte, esta salsa de tomate que tanto n...

Alibaba Cloud Academy Day 2020

5 minute read

As you may know, I’m a fan of the Alibaba Cloud Academy since it came to existence. Their way to structure the certifications is unique and really teaches yo...

Exploring Aliyun’s Linux Distribution

9 minute read

In this article I’ll go through the advantages of using Aliyun Linux, a CentOS-based Linux distribution developed and maintained by Alibaba Cloud. Compared t...

Alicloud Container Registry Terraform Module

5 minute read

A Terraform module to create a private Container Registry namespace and a RAM role able to pull/push from the namespace created. Alicloud Terraform Module.

Build your own serverless ECS Instance monitor

13 minute read

When dealing with critical ECS instances, specially the ones running our applications, many times we worry about their performance all the time, sometimes to...

IoT with Alibaba Cloud – Webinar

2 minute read

Learn how your devices can connect to Alibaba Cloud’s Internet of Things (IoT) solution by setting up a simulated IoT device. Have a look to the Webinar I re...

MVP Interview at the Apsara Conference 2019

less than 1 minute read

I was interviewed by Wei Tong, Senior Content Marketing Strategist at Alibaba Cloud. We discussed my motivations to become an MVP, talked about the evolution...

MVP Booth Tour at the Apsara Conference 2019

less than 1 minute read

To help people understand what was going on in the different exhibitions, we made a tour showcasing the top activities inside the hall C. Don’t miss these vi...

Alibaba Cloud MVP Global Summit 2019

1 minute read

As part of the Apsara Conference (Yunqi Conference in chinese, 云栖大会), but one day ahead the official start, the MVP Global Summit was held in Hangzhou (杭州).