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Leche Con 7up

1 minute read

¿Aburrido con bebidas como el Tinto De Verano o la Sangría? Prepárate para esta bebida que aprobaría hasta la mascota de 7up, el mismísimo Fido Dido en perso...

Kanga banga sanga (Recipe)

2 minute read

An aussie favorite! A sausage sizzle, also called “Aussie taco” by foodies and connoisseurs, is a popular meal offered at most of the Bunnings Warehouse stor...

Pokemon Fights In Bash

2 minute read

This bash script emulates a fight between 2 Pokemons using the PokeAPI from the terminal. It uses the field attack from stats for the fight.

Alibaba Cloud OSS, More Than Just Storage

7 minute read

When we talk about storage we often think about hard drives, USB sticks and devices of the kind. All those solutions are okay for personal computers (and eve...

Thailand 4.0

2 minute read

Thailand 4.0 is a development plan that aims to transform Thailand into a high-income, innovation-driven economy. It was announced by the Thai government in ...