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Politically Correct UNIX

5 minute read

In order for UNIX(tm) to survive into the nineties, it must get rid of its intimidating commands and outmoded jargon, and become compatible with the existing...

Correct file & folder permissions for WordPress

less than 1 minute read

Some plugin desapeared to your WordPress installation? Some hacked thing? No problem, if you fix the file permissions on your files you will harden your site.


less than 1 minute read

Hehe, today I recorded myself doing a bomb jump!

New Wallpaper for my MacBook Pro

less than 1 minute read

The Dymaxion map or Fuller map is a projection of a world map onto the surface of an icosahedron, which can be unfolded and flattened to two dimensions. The ...

How to make a coke Watering can

less than 1 minute read

A watering can is a portable container, usually with a handle and a spout, used to water plants by hand.