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Today is the day! After developing NFTool PRO for the last year, we finally launched the first open BETA version of the platform. Right now you can generate up to 20000 NFT images from a single Photoshop file, with our full-featured tool.

What Is NFTool PRO?

NFTool PRO, as we say, is he first community-centered tool for NFT creators. We are creating a strong community of artists that love to share and support each other. You will get a Vango NFT after the first generation which will be the key to our community. We are committed to sharing the profits generated by the platform amongst all community members.

How Can I Use It?

This is the easiest part. Just go to our tool, login with your wallet in our testnet (Goerli-only at the moment) and check the video we prepared for you to prepare your own Photoshop file.

Can I Get Any Help Using It?

Of course! You can go to our Discord Server to ask anything you want. We really mean it when we say we want to help artists, so jump in and talk to us :)