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Sometimes, when you are learning new ways to make things and download a piece of crap code it has the code in one line.

UAARHGHH… it’s that I think about that cases. I’ll show you one example of that:

It's not the first time you see one thing like this

Ok, now you are in a trouble. You want edit and adapt it for your benefit, but a normal human like you can’t read that. No problem, if you use the “Replace” tool included in all of the code editors you can edit it!

For example, in a JavaScript code you can replace the “;” with “;n” and “}” with “}n“(Thanks @Phoenix_Alx), and it will look a lil bit more organized.

"Replace all" tool in TextWrangler app

After that, you will see the code more comfortable for the human eyes.

If the code fails to work after this, you will must revert the process after editing the code.

Other way (better) to do that is with a beautifier, there is a lot, and in Brackets you can install it as a plugin.