If you follow me on Twitter or Linkedin and you are a Tencent Cloud user, you probably know about Cirrus Audit Panel, the multicloud tool I’m building to help you optimise resources like Virtual Machines, Databases or Serverless Functions. The platform is currently under a public BETA and you can setup a free account at anytime. Touch base with me if you want to be a beta-tester and receive a free VIP unlimited account.

In this article, I aim to show you how simple it is to sync an Tencent Cloud account with Cirrus Audit Panel, where you would be able to easily see how you can optimise your resources.



– You must have a Cirrus Audit Panel account set up and working. Click here to create one.
– You must have an Tencent Cloud account with a key-pair already generated. Click here to create one.



Now that you have completed the prerequisites let’s jump right in and set up your Tencent Cloud with Cirrus Audit Panel.

  1. Log into admin.cirrusaudit.com with your account.
  2. Navigate to the “Accounts” screen.
  3. Click on the “+ Add” button located at the top-right corner of the screen.
  4. Under “Select Provider“, choose “Tencent Cloud“.
  5. Give a meaningful name to the account so is easier to recognize it later.
  6. Fill in the fields “Secret Id” and “Secret Key” with your Tencent Cloud credentials.
  7. Click “Add Account“.

There you have it, you now have connected your Tencent Cloud account and you’ll be able to easily see how to optimise resources like CVM, CDB and Cloud Functions.


A few things to note:

You are only allowed to set up one account with a free account, for only $5/month you’ll be able to increase that to 3 (other plans available). If you become beta-tester you can have a free unlimited VIP account. Contact me for more information.

Now that you have this setup, tell me what you think. How are you using this in your daily life? What other optimisation measures do you take? Drop me a message and let’s discuss it.