La prevención para no llorar con el “wannacry”

Hoy he hablado con la periodista Rocío Otoya sobre la proliferación del último hit de los hackers, el famoso ransomware WannaCry. En la entrevista realizada en la edición en Español de la australiana SBS Radio explico brevemente y por encima de qué trata todo esto. Para ver más del programa haz click aquí. Anteriormente este mismo medio […]

How to send a message to Google

Why is so hard to contact Google? Well, I’m sure I’m not the first one trying to communicate something with Google, as when you dig in the help pages you only get infinite levels of FAQ sections where you can’t actually write anything to them. I had some special problems with my Gmail account, so […]

Country detection via PHP

Imagine a with some, with content related to each country. One solution is a javascript-based country detector that could ask the visitor to change the current site to the most appropriate one regarding to the visitors origin. The problem with this solution is that the user needs to load the content twice, and […]

Roman numeral HTML entities

Many times, as a style condition, we need to use roman numeral symbols in a website, and is common to write them with normal characters like I, V and so. This is a problem from the SEO perspective, as google is seeing that as a VI, not as a 6th to give you an example. […]

Basic flexbox structure

Flexbox! That thing, everyone talks about that but anyone actually knows how to handle it =P Well, I’m not the most expert in flexbox, but I have some experience dealing with it. As usual, I’m not going to give a big explanation about this, but instead I’m leaving here a piece of code ready to […]