Upgrading my MTBs rear disc from 160 mm to 203 mm

Turns out my cycling style when on an MTB is quite intense on the rear brakes, so much that after only 130 km of using my new bike, the rear discs were already showing signs of overheating while the front ones were still shiny and with the original silver color.     Why only resize […]

Sobre el Parador Provincial de Turismo de Jaizkibel

A finales de los años 50 del siglo XX, la entonces denominada “Diputación Provincial de Gipuzkoa” construyó un “Parador de Turismo” en el monte Jaizkibel, en terrenos cedidos por el Ayuntamiento de Hondarribia, según Proyecto del arquitecto provincial José María Muñoz Baroja, de 1958. Todo era parte de un esfuerzo para incentivar la recuperación económica en […]

Aprendiendo Tailandés

Dados los pocos lugares donde se puede estudiar el idioma tailandés desde un punto de vista hispanohablante, he decidido crear mi propio material para aprender este idioma desde España. No pretendo que sea perfecto, pero a mí me sirve, ya que aglutino en un sólo sitio información que, de otra manera, tendría que consultar en varias […]

Host-based routing with Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes (ACK)

When creating a multi-deployment platform in Kubernetes, you will quickly realise how many LoadBalancer-type Services you deployed. This is usually not a problem with a self-built, self-hosted Cluster, as you manage how things gets created. The problem appears when you use managed Kubernetes solutions like Alibaba Cloud ACK, as it will create an SLB (Server […]

Testing the Alibaba Cloud Elastic Desktop Service (EDS)

Thanks to being an MVP Diamond I became one of the first to test this VDI product called EDS back in February. I was such an early adopter that at the beginning I couldn’t even write a post about this, as I first needed to help Alibaba Cloud’s EDS Product Developer to test several points of […]

Travelling Internationally While COVID-19

2020 wasn’t a normal year. Period. Australian fires, Kobe Bryant’s death, COVID-19, a massive monkey brawl in Thailand… But, yes, specially COVID-19.     Covid-19 has brought world’s aviation and tourism industries to their knees, travel restrictions are everywhere and people around the world are in lockdowns. We are in 2021, and still the majority […]

How And Why I Built A Remote Business

I’ve been working since I was 16 years old, first at a moving company, a couple of junk food joints, a sports shop, an electronics store… then I moved to Australia and enjoyed some roles as web developer and software engineer (shout-out to my employers!).     Overall, turns out I’m (touch wood) quite lucky […]

Mi kit EDC para montañismo

Esto no pretende ser un post sobre lo que debes o no llevar al monte, esto lo dejo caer por aquí simplemente por compartir mi kit EDC que, bajo mi experiencia, me puede sacar prácticamente de cualquier situación en la que me encuentre cuando voy al monte en cualquier estación del año. Espero os sea […]

About How A Single Character Broke Alibaba Cloud’s Container Registry

You load the site… it doesn’t work. You check the console… some weird error. You examine the code… nothing specially wrong. The debugging nightmare begins! This post starts with something “too” common in programming, am I right? Yes, I am :D There is just too many cases where production breaks “just because” and turns out is […]